Szybka Odpowiedź: Nights In White Satin?

What is the meaning behind Nights in White Satin?

Band member Justin Hayward wrote and composed the song at age 19 and titled the song after a girlfriend gave him a gift of satin bedsheets. The song itself was a tale of a yearning love from afar, which leads many aficionados to term it as a tale of unrequited love endured by Hayward.

Who sang Nights in White Satin?

Of all the hits that the Moody Blues have charted over the past 50-plus years of existence, the one big calling card for the English band is probably “Nights in White Satin.” Atmospheric, classically orchestrated, mysterious and featuring Justin Hayward’s dreamy vocals, it’s not just a hit, but a classic-rock anthem.

What year did the Moody Blues do Nights in White Satin?

First released in November 1967, Nights In White Satin was a masterpiece that bridged pop and symphonic prog, with a lyric ripped directly from Hayward’s personal life – it finds him caught between ecstasy and despair, ruing the end of one love affair while embarking on another.

What color is white satin?

Benjamin Moore White Satin / 2067-70 / #d8e6f3 Hex Color Code. The hexadecimal color code #d8e6f3 is a very light shade of cyan-blue. In the RGB color model #d8e6f3 is comprised of 84.71% red, 90.2% green and 95.29% blue. In the HSL color space #d8e6f3 has a hue of 209° (degrees), 53% saturation and 90% lightness.

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What movie has the song Nights in White Satin?

They continued with a string of successful albums and in 1974 they went on hiatus. While on hiatus, some members worked on different projects, reunited in 1977. Despite Ray Thomas retiring from the group, they did continue to perform live, and in 2013 released a compilation album and appeared on the Moody Blues Cruise.

Who is the lead singer of the Moody Blues?

Having chalked up nearly fifty years at the peak of the music and entertainment industry, Justin Hayward’s voice has been heard the world over. Known principally as the vocalist, lead guitarist and composer for the Moody Blues, his is an enduring talent that has helped to define the times in which he worked.

What time signature is Nights in White Satin?

Edge: The song is in 6/8 time and, strangely enough, “Go Now,” from the previous incarnation of the Moodies was also in 6/8.

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