Smokie – Living Next Door To Alice?

Who wrote the song who is Alice?

Smokie covers a wide area age-wise from 53-year-old Terry Uttley to 40-year-old Mick McConnell. But the history of the band has been both dramatic and unique. The original lead singer, Chris Norman, was quick to have ambitions about a solo career after a successful duet with Suzy Quatro, “Stumblin’ In” in 1978.

Who is Smokie lead singer?

The tragedy of Alan’s death in 1995 is something all Smokie fans will never forget. Today, Chris continues to tour as a solo artist. He left Smokie after the success of his second solo album in 1986. He was the co-writer of “Mexican Girl” and has since played on some of Chris Norman’s solo albums.

What’s the story behind Living next door to Alice?

The song is about a young man’s long-standing unrequited love toward the girl next door and his neighbour of 24 years, Alice. But the song ends with the singer still hurt and asserting that he’ll never get over his previous crush.

Who is the original singer of Living next door to Alice?

“Alice in Wonderland” is the theme song composed by Sammy Fain for the Walt Disney 1951 animated film Alice in Wonderland. It was performed by The Jud Conlon Chorus and The Mellomen. The “dreamy” song has become a jazz standard that has been performed by Bill Evans, Oscar Peterson, Dave Brubeck, and others.

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What is Suzi Quatro doing now?

Before 1993, Quatro lived with her two children in a manor house in Essex, England that she and Tuckey bought in 1980. She married German concert promoter Rainer Haas in 1993. Quatro continues to live in Essex and Hamburg, and sometimes in Detroit. Since 2011, she has published music videos on YouTube.

How old is Terry Uttley?

Chris Norman net worth: Chris Norman is an English soft rock singer who has a net worth of $10 million. Chris Norman was born in Redcar, North Riding of Yorkshire, England in October 1950.

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