Pytanie: What Makes You Beautiful?

What Makes You Beautiful songwriter?

With just a moderately catchy hook and somewhat lightweight lyrics, ‘What Makes You Beautiful’ is a so-so effort, but as an introductory single for a teen pop band still discovering its sound, it’s more than acceptable. The track will likely appear on their still-untitled debut album.

What Makes You Beautiful Billboard chart?

Styles was right: “What Makes You Beautiful” peaked at No. 4 on the Hot 100 chart, and helped One Direction’s debut album Up All Night score a No. 1 bow on the Billboard 200 chart in March 2012. “I do know that Harry has performed it at his solo shows, which is really cool,” Kotecha says.

What makes beautiful beach?

The video, which was directed by Bradley&Pablo was filmed in Malibu, California. Fans were quick to notice the resemblance to the beach on which the What Makes You Beautiful music video was filmed, which was One Direction’s first single back in 2011.

What makes beautiful release?

“What Makes You Beautiful” was a commercial success, reaching number one in several countries. It has been certified quadruple platinum in the US with sales of 4.8 million copies as of June 2016. The single peaked at number four on the US Billboard Hot 100 and number one on the UK Singles Chart.

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How long What Makes You Beautiful number one?

Release. “What Makes You Beautiful” debuted at number one on the Irish Singles Chart on September 15, 2011. It held on to its spot for four weeks.

What is the ID code for What Makes You Beautiful?

Code: 140596838 – Copy it!

When was What Makes You Beautiful release date?

More videos on YouTube One person tweeted: “Apparently Harry filmed the watermelon sugar mv at the same beach WMYB was filmed, IM SOBBING”. Another added: “So Watermelon Sugar music video was filmed on the same beach that What Makes You Beautiful music video was filmed, my 13 year old self is crying”.

What beach was the Watermelon Sugar music video filmed on?

More videos on YouTube Filmed in January on a Malibu beach, the video opens with a cheeky dedication to “touching.” Styles is first seen walking up to a table set for one, preparing himself to enjoy a slice of watermelon on the sand.

Where was Watermelon Sugar Malibu filmed?

The shoot took place at Malibu Beach. Let us take a look at some more information about the upcoming music video of Watermelon Sugar.

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