Middle Of The Road?

What happened to the lead singer of Middle of the Road?

Sally achieved her greatest popularity in the early 1970’s as the lead singer of the Scottish pop band Middle of the Road. Carr married journalist Chick Young in 1978; the couple had a son named Keith in 1980, but eventually separated in 1984. (Sadly, Keith was killed in a motorcycle accident on January 18, 2001.)

Where were Middle of the Road from?

“Chirpy Chirpy, Cheep Cheep” is a song recorded in 1970 by its composer Lally Stott, and made popular in 1971 by Scottish band Middle of the Road for whom it was a UK #1 chart hit.

Who is the lead singer of Middle of the Road?

Unfortunately there are no concert dates for Middle of the Road scheduled in 2021.

What is middle of the road strategy?

Middle of the road is the conservative approach in which the company avoids taking the extremes and focusing on the niche segments. It would target customers in the median range of income or spending tendencies. The main aim is to target the market as broadly as possible.

What does the term middle of the road mean?

(Entry 1 of 2): standing for or following a course of action midway between extremes especially: being neither liberal nor conservative in politics. middle of the road.

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