Last But Not Least?

What is correct last but not least?

“last but not least” is an accepted expression, which means that in a list of names or achievements or whatever it might be, the last-mentioned is no less worthy and commendable than the first- mentioned. “Last but not THE least” is incorrect English.

Why do we say last but not least?

You use last but not least to say that the last person or thing to be mentioned is as important as all the others.

Is Last but not least formal or informal?

Last But Not Least | Meaning “Last but not least” is also called transition word which keeps the reader on track by showing relationships between ideas and information. This connecting word is neutral rather than either formal or informal, but it would probably sound a little informal in an academic essay.

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What does not least of all mean?

used for emphasizing the importance of a particular aspect of a situation. George is an excellent manager, not least because he is genuinely willing to listen.

What does last but not least meaning in English?

—used to say that a final statement is not less important than previous statements The television is big, has an excellent picture, and last but not least, it’s cheap.

What is the difference between least and last?

Last and least seem similar, but are totally different in usage and meaning both. For the starters, last is the superlative form of late, and least is the superlative form of little.

Do you put a comma after last but not least?

You need a comma after “last but not least ” because it is nearly always a nonessential phrase. However, there are a few limited circumstances in which it acts as an essential phrase in a sentence, and when this happens, it should not have a comma after it.

What does in the least mean?

: not at all: not in any way or respect It did not interest me in the least. That joke was not in the least funny.

What is the synonym of AT LAST?

after all. at last. at the end of the day. finally. hereafter.

How do you use not the least in a sentence?

You can use not least to emphasize a particularly important example or reason. Dieting can be bad for you, not least because it is a cause of stress. Everyone is more reluctant to travel these days, not least the Americans.

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How do you say most importantly?

synonyms for importantly

  1. basically.
  2. chiefly.
  3. generally.
  4. largely.
  5. mostly.
  6. notably.
  7. particularly.
  8. primarily.

What does to bring up the rear mean?

to be at the back of a group that is going somewhere: You two go ahead – Sam and I’ll bring up the rear.

How do you use the least of all?

You can use least of all after a negative statement to emphasize that it applies especially to the person or thing mentioned. No one ever reads these articles, least of all me. Such a speech should never have been made, least of all by a so called responsible politician.

Is not less than meaning?

: at least — used to suggest that a number or amount is surprisingly large No less than half the students failed the test. She has had no less than a dozen job offers.

What’s another word for most of all?

synonyms for most of all

  • chiefly.
  • primarily.
  • principally.
  • above all.
  • essentially.
  • generally.
  • largely.
  • mostly.

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