King Arthur Legend Of The Sword?

What is the legend of King Arthur sword?

Excalibur, in Arthurian legend, King Arthur’s sword. As a boy, Arthur alone was able to draw the sword out of a stone in which it had been magically fixed.

Is King Arthur: Legend of the Sword a flop?

In the annals of Hollywood flops, “King Arthur: Legend of the Sword” holds a unique space. Not only did it gross just $15 million this weekend off of $300 million in production and marketing costs, its failure also is not an orphan.

Is King Arthur: Legend of the Sword a true story?

What is much clearer is that other elements of the story, like the wizard Merlin, Arthur’s sword Excalibur, wife Guinevere, and his Knights of the Round Table, are almost entirely fictional and appear together in Geoffrey of Monmouth’s c. 1136 AD chronicle The History of the Kings of Britain or its later adaptations.

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What went wrong with King Arthur: Legend of the Sword?

From a reported budget of $175 million, Legend of the Sword only grossed $148.7 million worldwide. The Hollywood Reporter claims that the box office slump led to a loss of over $150 million for both Warner Bros. and Village Roadshow Pictures. The studio’s hopes of a franchise were quickly put aside to be forgotten.

Where is the real Excalibur sword now?

The 14th century sword was discovered at in the Vrbas River, near the village of Rakovice in the north of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Driven into a solid bit of rock 36ft below the surface and becoming stuck for years in water – the sword has now been dubbed ‘Excalibur’ after the legendary tale of King Arthur.

Is Excalibur a Death Scythe?

According to Franken Stein, Excalibur is undoubtedly the strong weapon in the world, making him far more superior to the Death Scythes within Death Weapon Meister Academy and fabled weapons such as the Uncanny Sword and Poseidon’s Lance.

Why did Legend of the Sword flop?

During a recent interview with Sirius XM, Hunnam discussed the failure of King Arthur: Legend of the Sword and the big-picture plans he and Ritchie had hatched. Reports claimed Ritchie’s original vision was severely cut down, and Hunnam blames a “piece of miscasting” as the big reason why the film ultimately failed.

Did King Arthur: Legend of the Sword make money?

Box office. King Arthur: Legend of the Sword grossed $39.2 million in the United States and Canada and $107 million in other territories for a worldwide total of $146.2 million, against a production budget of $175 million.

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Why did King Arthur get such bad reviews?

So why has King Arthur struggled so badly? Industry experts point to a “perfect storm” of factors, from poor studio planning to audience apathy. “Put simply, King Arthur was an idea that didn’t pan out as anyone expected it to,” says Seth Kelley, online news editor at Variety.

Who did Guinevere really love?

Guinevere, wife of Arthur, legendary king of Britain, best known in Arthurian romance through the love that his knight Sir Lancelot bore for her.

Did King Arthur have 2 swords?

Clarent is one of King Arthur’s two mythic swords. The first is Excalibur, the sword of war, and the second Clarent, the sword of peace. The Clarent sword is less known because it was used for peaceful acts, whereas the Excalibur was well known because it was used to defend Camelot.

What happened to Merlin after King Arthur died?

Not only did Morgana, Mordred and Gwaine all die, but Arthur himself died in Merlin’s arms – leaving Gwen to bring peace to Albion alone while Merlin was left to wander the world, waiting for Arthur to return and for his destiny to resume.

Is Guy Ritchie going to make another King Arthur?

The goal for 2017’s King Arthur: Legend of the Sword was not just, as is the case with any movie, was for it to be well-received by the public, but to also spawn a new Warner Bros franchise. However, the Guy Ritchie movie ended up being a critical and commercial flop, resulting in those sequel plans being scrapped.

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Is there going to be a second King Arthur?

By the following week, it was estimated that King Arthur: Legend of the Sword would lose $150 million for Warner Bros., leaving the cinematic universe that would have been attached dead on arrival. With such a disastrous release there was no chance of a sequel, let alone any spinoffs.

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