FAQ: No Doubt – Don’t Speak?

What’s the story behind Don’t Speak by No Doubt?

This song is about the relationship lead singer Gwen Stefani had with bassist Tony Kanal for seven years. She’s saying that what they had was real, and it’s a pity it couldn’t last – don’t bother explaining because it hurts. It didn’t work out between Stefani and Kanal, but she didn’t give up on musicians.

Who wrote Dont Speak by No Doubt?

Lead singer Gwen Stefani and her brother Eric Stefani, former No Doubt member, wrote the song originally as a love song. The song went through several rewrites and new versions. Gwen modified it into a breakup song about her bandmate and ex-boyfriend Tony Kanal, shortly after he ended their seven-year relationship.

Is don’t speak about No Doubt breaking up?

Stefani and Kamal’s romance blossomed in the first days of No Doubt. She had dreams of marrying the bassist, but those were shattered when he ended their relationship in 1994. The singer wrote one of the band’s most popular songs, “Don’t Speak,” about their breakup.

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What is the monster in don’t speak?

The Monster is a heartless being, which doesn’t have any kind of remorse for it’s killings. Primarily, the Monster would just kill it’s victims, in two occasions, it captured it’s victim, which the Monster kept inside of a giant spider web, where the victims reside.

Why did Gwen Stefani go solo?

Gwen Stefani launched a successful solo career in 2004 Following the success of No Doubt, Gwen Stefani decided to break away from her band for a bit to pursue a solo career.

Who signed no doubt?

No Doubt’s live act began to attract regional interest, and Interscope Records signed them in 1991. The band’s debut a year later, an odd fusion of ’80s pop and ska, sank without a trace in the wake of the grunge movement.

How old is Gwen Stefani?

Gwen Stefani left fans shocked on Thursday when she revealed her hit song Don’t Speak was recorded 25 years ago! The No Doubt singer, 51, celebrated the impressive milestone with a nostalgic Instagram post which showed her rocking out on stage.

Why is Gwen Stefani so popular?

Singer-songwriter Gwen Stefani first gained popularity in the 1990s as the lead singer of No Doubt. She went on to have a highly successful solo career and launch her own clothing line, L.A.M.B.

What is the meaning of dont speak?

Filters. Indicates that the speaker is unable to speak the English language. phrase.

Is Gwen Stefani still in No Doubt?

When No Doubt decided to go their separate ways, lead singer Gwen Stefani went solo and released two albums — “Love. Eleven years after their last release, No Doubt returned for a new studio album in 2012, “Push and Shove.” 1

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What does Tony Kanal do now?

5/6/2020 12:01 AM PT Kanal still plays music with the supergroup, Dreamcar, and recently celebrated 8 years of clean eating as a vegan. Guess what he looks like now at 49 years old!

Does No Doubt still tour?

Find out more about No Doubt tour dates & tickets 2021-2022 Find information on all of No Doubt’s upcoming concerts, tour dates and ticket information for 2021-2022. Unfortunately there are no concert dates for No Doubt scheduled in 2021.

Is Gwen Stefani still friends with Tony?

While on tour in 2008, Tony Kanal, Tom Dumont, and Adrian Young made a surprise appearance at one of Stefani’s tour stops and performed a medley of their greatest hits. 1

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