FAQ: My Next Life As A Villainess?

Who does Katarina Claes marry?

In Verge of Doom, Katarina remains madly in love with Geordo until she’s 15 years old, but loses her attraction towards him after gaining memories of her past life. She realizes the doom that will occur if she continues to be engaged with him, so she actively tries to break it off, despite his refusal.

Is my next life as a villainess finished?

The light novel series has ten volumes, to date, and it is currently ongoing. As for the manga series, the same writer and illustrator got together once more.

Who does Catarina end up with in my life as a villainess?

Of course, Geordo Stuart is still one of the best bets of fans. In the game before Catarina remembered her past, she was in love with Geordo and did everything she can to keep her position as his fiancé.

Is my next life as a villainess a Yuri?

Seven Seas describes the manga anthology: Fans already love the romantic comedy franchise about Katarina Claes, a woman from Earth reborn into an otome game and determined to avoid her villainous end.

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Does Maria like Katarina?

Maria has romantic feelings for Katarina, as she was the first person to ever see her as herself, and is constantly putting herself in danger in order to protect her. Katarina is always there to save from danger and to comfort her when she is scared, hurt or insecure, which is something that Maria is very thankful for.

Does Katarina Claes end up with Maria?

Katarina realizes what’s happening here: it’s Fortune Lover’s friendship ending, and that means she is definitely not doomed. Ordinarily, friendship-only endings are anticlimactic for otome games, but for Katarina Claes, Maria’s love of her and all her friends means a perfectly happy ending.

Does Keith Love Katarina?

When Katarina saves Keith, he unconsciously kisses Katarina. When he wakes up again, he confesses that he loves her and reveals his feelings toward her that he had for nine years. This makes Katarina finally aware of Keith’s feelings.

Who is the villain in my next life as a villainess?

Katarina Claes (in Japanese: カタリナ・クラエス, Katarina Claes), also known as Lady Claes and Bakarina is the main “villainous” protagonist of the webnovel, light novel, manga and anime series I Reincarnated into an Otome Game as a Villainess With Only Destruction Flags.

Does Katarina marry Geordo?

Because Katarina is still officially engaged to Prince Geordo Stuart, the drama begins fast. She chooses to practice her swordsmanship and magic to protect herself after mistakenly accepting Geordo’s marriage proposal, the latter prompting her to create a farm to refine her earth magic.

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Is Fortune lover a real game?

FORTUNE LOVER is an otome game that Katarina Claes has been reincarnated into. It is revealed that there is a sequel game called Fortune Lover II: Love at the Magical Ministry. It was announced for a future release at the end of the player’s guide for the first Fortune Lover game.

Does Nicole like Catarina?

In Fortune Lover, Katarina and Nicol did not interact with each other. They were not acquainted, as she did not care for anyone that isn’t her fiancé. In the present timeline, Katarina and Nicol are good friends. Nicol opened his heart to Katarina and then became one of her close childhood friends.

Is there kissing in my next life as a villainess?

This is absolutely a kiss scene. You can debate whether it’s CPR or something else, but the way it’s treated in the context of the story – it’s a kiss scene.

Is my next life as a villainess worth watching?

Overall, this Otome game-inspired anime managed to break away from the typical harem and isekai tropes that have dominated too many anime. If you’re looking to break away from the norm, are into Otome games or both, then My Next Life as a Villainess is definitely worth the watch.

Is my next life as a villainess romance?

My Next Life As A Villainess has the potential to turn into a lesbian romance, which would be a fantastically progressive way to subvert expectations. Katarina Claes has many love interests in My Next Life As A Villainess: All Roads Lead to Doom, but the most interesting are Mary Hunt and Sophia Ascart.

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