FAQ: Love Will Tear Us Apart?

What is the meaning of love will tear us apart?

Love Will Tear Us Apart was a tribute to a dying relationship, a haunted singer and a legendary band, expressing the bewildered feeling that “something so good… just can’t function no more”, Joy Division singer Ian Curtis took his own life on 18 May 1980 and the song was released as a single the month after.

Is Love Will Tear Us Apart a sad song?

Against all that, ‘Love Will Tear Us Apart’ seems simply and majestically sad, a lament for a failing relationship, for ‘something so good’ that ‘just can’t function no more’. It is also a guilt song, addressed to Deborah, to whom he was both unfaithful and suffocatingly possessive.

Did the Cure Cover Love Will Tear Us Apart?

The Cure performs at the Livid Festival October 21, 2000 in Brisbane, Australia. Photo by Liam Nicholls/Newsmakers. We’re revisiting The Cure’s incredible cover of Joy Division’s seminal post-punk anthem, “Love Will Tear Us Apart,” that was recorded live, backstage at Brisbane’s Livid Festival in 2000.

What instruments are used in love will tear us apart?

The main melody in this classic track is played by both a synthesizer and a bass guitar (in different pitch ranges and with slightly different rhythms). It’s also sung during certain sections of the song called the choruses.

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What year love will tear us apart?


Why did Peter Hook leave?

His departure came amid the heavily delayed album “Lost Sirens”, which keyboarding Gillian Gilbert discussed in a Brazilian interview to promote a Sao Paulo show. According to an English translation, she acknowledged issues with Hook, and said there was “a lot going on behind the scenes on the copyright.”

How many versions of love will tear us apart?

1/10 London-based artist and designer Peter Crnokrak documented all 168 recorded cover versions of Joy Division’s “Love Will Tear Us Apart” in a circular infographic.

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