FAQ: Isekai Wa Smartphone To Tomo Ni?

Will there be a season 2 of Isekai WA smartphone to tomo ni?

It has not been made clear whether or not the show will continue. However, if the show does return, we can expect it to be back by late-2022 to mid-2023. As of October 2020, Isekai Wa Smartphone To Tomo Ni Season 2 has only one season.

Who married Touya?

He becomes the sovereign king of Brunhild Dukedom after receiving sovereignty over an area in between the Kingdom of Belfast and Regulus Empire while also engaged to each of the kingdoms’ princesses.. He then marries all of his 9 fiancees who are Elze, Linze, Yae, Sue, Yumina, Leen, Lu, Sakura, and Hilde.

Who does Touya Mochizuki end up with?

Eventually, Touya married Elze as he promised her.

Is another world with my smartphone finished?

The show has currently finished only its Season 1 debut consisting of 12 episodes. Currently, the English dub is hosted by Funimation and the Studio behind its workings is Production Reed.

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How many wives does Touya have?

According to Babylon’s vision, Touya would have nine wives in total. He gradually forms pacts with all four of the Heavenly Beasts, with the first and most loyal being Kohaku, the White Monarch.

How old is Dabi?

1 Dabi ( 24 ) Was Believed To Have Died At Age 13 Interestingly, he was around the Todoroki household long enough to form a close relationship with the three younger kids, Fuyumi, Natsuo, and Shoto. Nine years later, aged 24, Dabi has joined the League of Villains, hellbent on nothing more than bringing his father down.

Who is the strongest in Isekai WA smartphone?

2 Ainz Ooal Gown Ainz Ooal Gown is the most powerful magic caster in the world and even his other identity of Momon is the strongest adventurer in the world.

Is Dabi really Touya Todoroki?

(SPOILERS) It’s been revealed that Dabi is in fact Toya Todoroki, the son of Enji Todorok/Endeavor, and the eldest brother of Shoto Todooroki. While revealing himself to his father and brother, Dabi also amplified the pain by broadcasting the truth of his identity out across the airwaves of the entire country.

Who was the person at the end of in another world with my smartphone?

Japanese Voice. Ende (エンデ, Ende?) is a mysterious young boy who suddenly appears at the commercial area of the southern district of Kingdom of Belfast. Later, it is revealed that his real name is Endymion (エンデミュオン, Endemyuon?).

Is Ende like Touya?

Ende is someone that Touya encountered. The two are very similar, as they both come from from different worlds and can travel to different ones at will, have found love in women in the world they end up in, and are adventurers who manage to become Gold rank.

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Is in another world with my smartphone on Netflix?

Sorry, In Another World With My Smartphone: Season 1 is not available on American Netflix, but you can unlock it right now in the USA and start watching!

Is Ende a villain?

Ende the Devourer is the main antagonist and the final boss of Super Robot Wars X.

Where can I watch trapped in another world with my smartphone?

In Another World With My Smartphone – Watch on Crunchyroll.

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