FAQ: Find Me In Paris?

Will there be a season 4 of Find Me in Paris?

Later that year, the series was renewed for a third and final season, which premiered on August 21, 2020. Find Me in Paris is available in over 130 countries.

Why is Max not in season 3 of Find Me in Paris?

In this season, Max was written out due to a disability storyline from earlier episodes, so her new dance partner was Nico, a double agent for the Time Bureau. Lena’s best friend, Ines, switched between three love interests over the three seasons of the show.

Is Max in season 3 Find Me in Paris?

Saper as Max Alvares, Eubha Akilade as Ines Lebreton, Hiran Abeysekera as Dash Khan, Castle Rock as Jeff Chase, and Christy O’Donnell as Henri Duquet. Terique Jarret joined the cast for season 2. All the main cast members will return for season 3.

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What happened to Thea in Find Me in Paris?

Thea is a dedicated dancer, although she never really had a choice in the decision. Her mother wanted fame but lacked the talent, so Thea is now living out her mother’s dream.

What apps is find me in Paris on?

Watch Find Me in Paris Streaming Online | Hulu (Free Trial)

What is the last episode of Find Me in Paris?

Currently you are able to watch “Find Me in Paris – Season 3” streaming on Amazon Prime Video, Sky Go, Disney Plus, Virgin TV Go.

Are Jeff and Isaac dating in Find Me in Paris?

In season 3 Isaac says out loud that him and Jeffrey are dating.

Who are the time collectors in Find Me in Paris?


  • Lena Grisky.
  • Ines Le Breton.
  • The Time Collectors.
  • Henri Duquet.
  • Thea Raphael.
  • Max Alvarez.
  • Dash Khan.
  • Jeff Chase.


Federation Kids & Family has finalized a deal with Disney Channel Latin America for all 3 seasons of the hit tween drama series FIND ME IN PARIS.

What age rating is FIND ME IN PARIS?

FIND ME IN PARIS is rated TV-Y7 and has no foul language, violence, nudity or sex. Some characters do share kisses because they’re dating, but nothing overly passionate.

What happens in Season 3 of FIND ME IN PARIS?

In Season 3, Lena seeks to find who she is and why everyone is so interested in her and her timepiece. When she and her friends attend a dance workshop in the South of France, they have to fight for the only spot available in the company. “Find Me in Paris” is the top teen live action show in France.

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How can I find a friend in Paris?

To get you on your way, here are the ten best places to make friends easily in Paris.

  1. Hostels in Paris.
  2. Bike Tours in Paris.
  3. Music Concerts in Paris.
  4. Free Guided Walking Tours in Paris.
  5. Wine Tours in Paris.
  6. Supper Club in Paris.
  7. The Metro in Paris.
  8. Cafes in Paris.

What happens in Find Me in Paris?

Find Me in Paris is a premium tween drama centering on Lena Grisky, a 1905 Russian Princess attending the Paris Opera Ballet School, the most elite dance institution in the world. But Lena has a secret. She’s a time traveler, accidentally propelled from 1905 into the 21st century by her boyfriend Henri.

Do the actors in Find Me in Paris really dance?

Actors were selected as much for their acting experience as dancing abilities. They will be doubled in some dance performances by members of the Opera Ballet School, where “Find Me in Paris” is shooting, the first time a youth series has done that in decades.

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