Escape From Tarkov Customs Map?

Where is customs in tarkov?

Description. A large area of industrial park land situated adjacent to the factory.

Where do you escape in tarkov customs?

Customs map extraction points

  • Crossroads.
  • Trailer Park.
  • ZB 1011.
  • Dorms V Ex.
  • Smuggler’s Boat.
  • RUAF Roadblock.
  • ZB 1012.
  • Old Gas Station.

Is Customs a good map tarkov?

In terms of loot Customs is squarely in the middle offering neither the best or worst loot of the Escape From Tarkov map pool meaning there is enough to offset your deaths in the long run but won’t be making you rich in Roubles.

Can you see factory from customs tarkov?

While there’s a number of places you can use the Factory Key — and the fact it’s called the Factory Key — you actually find it on the map Customs.

Where is the power switch on customs?

The power switch to turn on the power for the ZB-013 extract in Customs in Escape from Tarkov is located inside the newly-accessible building in between the old gas station and the shortcut to said gas station, which you have to open with the factory key.

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What happens if you don’t Evac in tarkov?

If you don’t extract before the time runs out, you’ll lose your precious loot! You can check out the timer by pressing ”O” once. Pressing ”O” twice will bring up a list of extraction points. When in a raid, you should press ”O” periodically to check how much time is left.

How do I quickly examine in tarkov?

If you have unknown, greyed-out items in a container, your inventory, your stash, or even a trader’s inventory, you can quickly examine and reveal those items by clicking on them with the middle mouse button. Finally, you can hover over an item you don’t want and press delete to discard.

What keys do you need for customs?

The best keys to take into customs with you are:

  • Three story dorms: Marked Key, Room 214, Room 204.
  • Two story dorms: Room 105, Room 110, Room 114, Guard Desk Key.
  • Other keys: Factory Exit Key, the key to the gas station storage room, Cabinet Key, Customs Office Key, Military Base Checkpoint Key.

How do you survive tarkov?

10 Tips to Staying Alive in Escape From Tarkov – A Winner’s Guide

  1. Listen Up. Sound is a vital part of Escape from Tarkov.
  2. Always Close Doors.
  3. Farm Scavs.
  4. Avoid the MBSS Backpack.
  5. Take Advantage of Your Insurance.
  6. Be Aggressive.
  7. Don’t Loot Fresh Kills Right Away.
  8. If You Are Playing as a Scav, Don’t Kill Other Scavs.

What is the hardest map on Tarkov?

What we can all agree on though is that Labs is objectively the hardest map, the second hardest will not be the same for everyone. For me it’s definitely customs Reserve is 100% the 2nd hardest map just because of its extraction requirements.

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Is Customs good for beginners Tarkov?

Customs is regarded as the most “beginner-friendly” of all maps available in Escape from Tarkov. This, combined with the fact that Spawns are easy to identify, makes the map somewhat simple to learn and navigate through.

What is the best map for beginners Tarkov?

[Top 3] Escape From Tarkov Best Map for Beginners

  • Interchange. Interchange: The Mega Mall of death. Interchange Map Guide.
  • Shoreline.
  • Customs. Customs: Where the goods are shipped in, and the bodies are shipped out. Customs Map Guide.

Do you get XP from offline tarkov?

No. Once you finish your offline mode match in Escape from Tarkov, you lose all items, loot, XP, and stats you have found and gained. The offline mode in Escape from Tarkov is meant for practice and practice only.

How not get a run through tarkov?

To avoid the “Run Through” status, gain at least 200 EXP in raid (by killing or looting) or be in raid for at least 7 minutes before extracting. You do not have to do the maps in order and can be done in any fashion so long as you survive.

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