Czytelnicy pytają: Roxette Listen To Your Heart?

What movie was Listen To Your Heart by Roxette in?

Listening to your head may lead to more tangible success, but not following your heart increases your risk of regret, so if you want to lead a more satisfying life, follow your heart.

Who is the original singer of listen to your heart?

“Listen to Your Heart” is a song by Swedish pop music duo Roxette, which was originally released in Sweden in September 1988 as the second single from the duo’s second studio album, Look Sharp! (1988). It was written by Per Gessle with former Gyllene Tider guitarist Mats “M.P.” Persson.

Where is your heart located on a woman?

The heart is in the chest, slightly left of center. It sits behind the breastbone and between the lungs.

Is your heart on the left or right?

What is your heart? Your heart is about the size of your clenched fist. It lies in the front and middle of your chest, behind and slightly to the left of your breastbone. It is a muscle that pumps blood to all parts of your body to provide it with the oxygen and nutrients in needs to function.

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Which is more powerful mind or heart?

The heart emits an electrical field 60 times greater in amplitude than the activity in the brain and an electromagnetic field 5,000 times stronger that of the brain. 5. The electromagnetic field of the heart is incredibly strong.

Do you love with your heart or your brain?

You can view all of our content for Brain Awareness Week here. Anecdotally, love is a matter of the heart. However, the main organ affected by love is actually the brain.

How do you feel with your heart?

Try this simple meditation to connect with the energy of your heart:

  1. Sit somewhere and make yourself comfortable.
  2. Close your eyes.
  3. Picture it.
  4. Let your thoughts and feelings come and go without judgment.
  5. Simply relax and see what your heart has to say.
  6. Take all the time you want to listen to your heart.

Is Roxette dead?

Roxette singer Marie Fredriksson has died aged 61, her manager has confirmed. A statement said the singer had died on Monday, 9 December “following a 17-year long battle with cancer”. “You were the most wonderful friend for over 40 years,” her bandmate Per Gessle said. “Things will never be the same.”

How do I listen to my heart?

Here are 5 simple ways on how to listen to your heart below:

  1. Don’t say yes, when your heart says no. Your heart knows long before you take time to consider what you’ll say.
  2. Create space.
  3. Make time.
  4. Put your hand on your heart.
  5. Find your way back to love.
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What year was listen to your heart released?


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