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Is romance is a bonus book good?

‘Romance is a Bonus Book’ would be a perfect match to any book lovers. However, although the drama is pretty much talking about books, it is still worth to watch for everyone. The drama puts the book publishing as the center of the story.

How old is Eun-Ho in romance is a bonus book?

Romance is a Bonus Book is what Dramabeans (and other sites/viewers) call a “noona romance”. This is because of the age difference between Dan-I and Eun-ho – she’s 37 to his 32 and therefore is his “noona”.

Is romance is a bonus book Netflix original?

Original Release Romance Is a Bonus Book (Korean: 로맨스는 별책부록; RR: Romaenseuneun Byeolchaekburok) is a 2019 South Korean television series starring Lee Na-young and Lee Jong-suk. It aired from January 26 to March 17, 2019 on tvN and Netflix (internationally).

What is romance is a bonus book based on?

The original comedy-drama was created and produced by Darren Starr and is based on the novel Younger by Pamela Redmond Satran. The k-drama version is produced by Studio Dragon for the Korean television station tvN and features Lee Na Young’s first drama appearance in nine years.

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Is romance is a bonus book love triangle?

Romance is a Bonus Book features more of a love square than a love triangle, and each member of the square ends up happy in an adorable couple by the end. Kang Dan I is best friends with Chan Eun Ho and has been in love with her for years and years.

How does romance is a bonus book end?

In the end, Eun-ho facilitates a meeting between Seo-joon and Byeong-jun, and Seo-joon gets to see his father before the Alzheimer’s takes him. The last thing that makes Romance Is a Bonus Book so good are all of Eun-ho and Dan-i’s colleagues at Gyeoroo.

What is a noona romance?

Korea is no stranger to “noona romances” – where the pairing of an older female and younger male sends the hearts of certain women aflutter.

Who is the GF of Lee Jong Suk?

Lee Jong Suk (right) Kwon Nara While the two actors have yet to officially confirm their relationship through their shared agency or social media, here’s what we know about their rumored relationhip.

Who is Mr Kang’s son in romance is a bonus book?

Seo-Joon is Byeong Jun’s son. The author hadn’t known his ex-girlfriend was pregnant when they broke up. He met Seo-Joon just once, and wrote it down to try to remember. He renamed his book 4/23 — the date of Seo-Joon’s birth — as an homage to his son.

Is Gyeoroo publishing real?

However, the use of books is a little different, since the company Gyeoroo Publishing is a fictional company. So the books they publish and are about to publish can’t be real.

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In which app I can see romance is a bonus book?

Romance Is a Bonus Book | Netflix Official Site.

What book is younger based off of?


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