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Who does Clawdeen Wolf have a crush on?

Raythe is a 2016-introduced and fiction-only character. Given his name and appearance, he is most likely a wraith. He attends Monster High, being one of its early students. Among the friends he’s made, he’s closest to Deuce Gorgon and has developed a mutual crush on Clawdeen Wolf.

What kind of monster is Clawdeen Wolf?

Clawdeen Wolf is a 2010/2016-introduced and all-around character. She is a werewolf, who is a student at Monster High and who comes from a family with many children—among which Clawdia, Clawd, and Howleen.

Who is clawdeen the daughter of?

Clawdeen Wolf (voiced by Salli Saffioti) is the daughter of the Werewolf. She is 15 years old and has a large family; two of her siblings Clawd and Howleen are currently studying in Monster High with her, and her older sister Clawdia has graduated and is a working adult.

How tall is Clawdeen Wolf?

Clawdeen has lovely curly brown locks and is wearing a classic outfit. She is 17 inches tall and just as gorgeous as her normal sized counterpart.

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Are Clawd and clawdeen twins?

Clawdeen Wolf is one of the main protagonists in Monster High. She is the daughter of the Werewolf and the sister of Clawd, Clawdia and Howleen Wolf.

What is draculaura’s boyfriend?

On an average day, Draculaura spends her time on schoolwork, hanging out with her friends and in particular her BFF Clawdeen, fearleading, dating her boyfriend Clawd, tending to her vegetable garden, shopping, and catching up on the latest gossip.

Was ghoulia autistic?

It seems to me that Ghoulia has a form of autism: she fits perfectly in the characteristics of Asperger syndrome.

Did Cleo and Clawd date?

Romance. Clawd once dated Cleo de Nile, though she later dumped him and began dating Deuce Gorgon the next day. This resulted in a longtime rivalry between Cleo and Clawdeen, until Clawd confessed to his sister that it had been a mutual breakup, and that he and Cleo hadn’t truly cared for one another.

Are draculaura and clawdeen dating?

Draculaura is the 1,600-year old daughter of Count Dracula. Draculaura is best friends with Frankie Steinand Clawdeen Wolf, and is currently dating Clawd Wolf. She is called “Lala” and “Ula D” by her friends.

Does clawdeen have a crush on draculaura?

Draculaura asks if a carnivore like her can be in love, and then Frankie asks if she fell in love with a human, and Clawdeen nods, still dreaming about her crush. Clawdeen says “It was just happy feelings, though.” Clawdeen says that her heart began to overflow with love for him because they went on the date.

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Is Cleo de Nile a human?

Cleo de Nile is a 2010-introduced and all-around character. She is a mummy, though born human, and a student at Monster High.

Does clawdeen Wolf have a tail?

Clawdeen Wolf is the series’ featured werewolf character, as well as her siblings Clawdia Wolf, Clawd Wolf, and Howleen Wolf, and friends Romulus, Dee O’Gee and Brocko. Unlike Werewolves, they seem to be covered in fur, have tails, and even have cat-like noses in the webisodes.

What kind of monster is catty noir?

Catty Noir is a 2013/2017-introduced and all-around character. She is a werecat and a student at Monster High. Having striven for a place in the music industry from a very young age, Catty is a world-famous pop star and teen idol, who has many fans at Monster High.

How old is Frankie Stein?

Age. Starting out at 15 days old, Frankie is the youngest student at Monster High. She was built a while back, and on the back of her Picture Day box as in doll box, she says “How many days has it been?”. As of Welcome to Monster High, her age is “115 days old.

What type of monster is operetta?

As the daughter of the Phantom of the Opera, she is a France-born but Gnarleston-raised phantom and these days a student at Monster High.

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