Czytelnicy pytają: Limahl Never Ending Story?

What is the meaning behind Never Ending Story?

The NeverEnding Story that never ends The NeverEnding Story suggests that Atreyu’s journey has happened many times before, and will probably happen again. This cycle of life and destruction and life emerging again is a neverending story.

Where is the NeverEnding story song from?

Christopher Hamill (born 19 December 1958), known professionally as Limahl (an anagram of Hamill), is an English pop singer.

Was kajagoogoo a limahl?

Limahl has remained active for four decades now ever since he first achieved fame as the lead singer of Kajagoogoo alongside bassist Nick Beggs, guitarist Steve Askew, keyboardist Stuart Neale and drummer Jez Strode.

What was Sebastian’s mother’s name?

Tami Stronach as The Childlike Empress, to whom Bastian gives the new name of “Moon Child.”

What happened to the horse in never ending story?

In the scene where Artax the horse dies in the swamps of sadness the horse had to be tied down to a lowering platform to keep it in place. The horse was supposed to ‘sink’ but he really did. The platform lifts failed after “cut” was shouted, the platform got stuck under the sludge, and the horse died.

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What name does Bastian yell out?

In the novel by Michael Ende that inspired the movie, Bastian yells ” Moonchild,” but how many suburban mothers in 1984 were named “Moonchild”?

Where is limahl now?

Singer Limahl rose to fame in the 1980s as lead singer of pop group Kajagoogoo before launching his solo career. Now 61, he lives with Steve, his partner of 26 years, in Hertfordshire.

Who is Mandy Newton?

Mandy Newton is an actress, known for Limahl: The NeverEnding Story (Version 2) (1984).

How old is Limahl?

Dustin and Suzie sing “ The NeverEnding Story” song.

Who sings with limahl in Neverending Story?


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