Czytelnicy pytają: It Is Wednesday My Dudes?

Where did Wednesday my dudes come from?

The first instance of the meme was posted on Tumblr in 2014 by the user “kidpix2”. The meme consisted of the image of a Budgett Frog with the text “It is Wednesday, my dudes”, accompanied by the comically proportioned frog. Jimmy, took this meme and created his vine.

What happened to the It’s Wednesday my dudes guy?

JimmyHere was a viner before it’s collapse in 2016. He is most notable for his viral “It is Wednesday my dudes” vine. Jimmy is also now known for his TikTok work which he now uses as a substitute for Vine.

What is the its Wednesday my dudes frog?

The simplest answer, perhaps, is that each Wednesday is whatever you make of it, and the Budgett’s frog wants to remind you of that. And so, in the spirit of this awareness, it’s incumbent upon you, when you see your dudes, to tell them that it is Wednesday.

What is up my Doods?

What’s Up Doods? is a late night talk show hosted by veteran TV host/actor Edu Manzano produced by the TV5 Entertainment Group in cooperation with Tentra, Inc. and it is aired every Saturday at 9:00 pm (UTC +8 21:00) on TV5.

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Why do Budgett Frogs Scream?

The Lepidobatrachus laevis behavior is interesting. These frogs are known to hiss and squeak. The Budgett’s frog scream reflects that it is feeling threatened by an intruder! The screaming Budgett’s frog might even bite and draw blood if nothing else works against intruders.

What does my dudes mean?

‘my dude’ is commonly used only between friends in a casual manner. ‘My dude’ is just another way of saying ‘my friend ‘, but it sounds more natural and casual.

How old is Jimmy from Jimmy here?

YouTuber Information Tyler Collins (born: April 15, 1993 (1993-04-15) [ age 28 ]), better known online as Jimmy Here, is an American YouTuber, Twitch streamer, and former Viner famously known for creating the “It is Wednesday my dudes” vine, which became a meme in around 2015, and has been since.

Who is ZimoNitrome?

ZimoNitrome or Zimo is an r/polandball user. Being one of the more talented artist he currently holds the record for most r/polandball-contest wins and therefore also the most Hussar Wings He also has a YouTube channel, where he uploads mostly non-Polandball related stuff, such as memes and some music related content.

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