Czytelnicy pytają: Idle Champions Of The Forgotten Realms Codes?

What is the code for the locked chest in Idle Champions?

Chest Codes List. INSI-GHTS-EP2!

How do you unlock the locked chest in Idle Champions?

On your inventory screen, you’ll see a new Locked Chest icon as your first chest. If you select that chest, it’ll bring you to the Locked Chest combination screen! Otherwise, when you access the store, you’ll see a new option in the upper right to ” Unlock a Locked Chest “.

How do you get free familiars in Idle Champions?

Familiars are small creatures that can be purchased with either real money, gems, or in the patron shops that allow the player to automate clicking and leveling up Champions. They get unlocked after having reached area 66 in any campaign.

What is the code for the locked chest in Genshin impact?

The code to unlock the hidden chest on Twiining Island in Genshin Impact is 5-2-1-4. If players have not explored this area, then here’s how to find the locked chest in the Golden Apple Arhipelago.

How do I get Modron cores?

How do I get more Modron Cores? An additional Modron Core is available for purchase on the Current Parties dialog by clicking the “Buy Additional Cores” button at the bottom. More cores will be added in the future.

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How do I unlock Deekin?

Deekin Scalesinger is one of the champions of Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms. He was obtained from the Founders’ Day Event, but now can only be obtained from Time Gates or from purchasing a Deekin Champion Pack from the in-game shop. Deekin regales the party with his Story of Doom.

How do you get time gate pieces?

Time Gate Pieces can be found rarely when killing Bosses. Once you find a Time Gate Piece, there is a cooldown timer of about 5 days before another one can drop.

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