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What happened to the mom in The Haunting of Hill House?

At the very moment, Hugh arrives, and he sees what Olivia did to the caretakers’ daughter, and what she was about to do to their own kids. Hugh takes away the kids from the house. In the meantime, Olivia is coaxed by the Hill House to take her own life. She jumps from the balcony and commits suicide.

Was The Haunting of Hill House Good?

Mike Flanagan made such a horror series back in 2018 with The Haunting of Hill House. The 10-episode Netflix show is one of the streaming service’s best original programs. In fact, I’d argue it’s one of the only true masterpieces of the last few years, horror or otherwise. It’s poetry, really.

Why is The Haunting of Hill House so scary?

Hill House doesn’t allow the horror to be right in our face. It follows us, much like the ghost haunting the characters, until the fear of the unknown becomes too much to bear. Stillness, solitude, and inescapable dread are the unholy trinity that makes The Haunting of Hill House so scary.

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What made Hill House evil?

Then after Poppy’s husband, William Hill (i.e. the ghost in the bowler hat that follows Luke) dies, the two women had nowhere else to go, grew old, and died in that house together. That festering hate built and built between the two over the years, and it sounds like that’s what made Hill House evil.

Did Theo sleep with Shirley’s husband?

The pair have sex, mostly offscreen, before Theodora makes an excuse to shoo her newfound paramour away. I expected that to be the end of that, but Trish (Levy Tran) makes an appearance in four of the show’s ten episodes, and the pair get a happy ending in the finale.

How does Hugh Crain died at Hill House?

He actually did die (after seemingly injecting himself with rat poison ) but, depending on how you look at it, Luke was either: a) resuscitated by Steve, Shirley and Theo. b) in his dead state, was told to leave the Red Room by his twin (there with his mother and Abigail), and willed himself back to life.

What did Poppy whisper to Olivia?

If Poppy is just a ghost, it’s at this moment where the seeds of Olivia’s downfall are planted. Promising to know how to rescue her children from the ‘screaming meemies’ of their worst nightmare, Poppy leans in and whispers something into Olivia’s ear. “It was a dressing room for me. Then a nursery.”

What was wrong with the kittens in Hill House?

Shirley is even more distraught when her mother tells her that they gave away the last living kitten, but that’s not true. As Olivia berates Hugh for letting Shirley keep the kittens in the first place, Hugh says he took the last sick kitten out into the woods and killed it.

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What is the scariest episode of Haunting of Hill House?

The 10 Absolute Scariest ‘Haunting Of Hill House’ Moments

  1. Episode 1: “Steven Sees A Ghost”
  2. Episode 2: “Open Casket”
  3. Episode 3: “Touch”
  4. Episode 4: “The Twin Thing”
  5. Episode 5: “The Bent-Neck Lady”
  6. Episode 6: “Two Storms”
  7. Episode 7: “Eulogy”
  8. Episode 8: “Witness Marks”

Which is scarier Haunting of Hill House or Bly Manor?

Critics found a lot to love in The Haunting of Bly Manor, but didn’t think it was that scary. Fans of the series on Reddit were mostly in agreement that The Haunting of Hill House is the scarier of the two seasons. So, according to fans and critics alike, it looks like Hill House’s haunts out-terrified Bly Manor’s.

What is the best episode of Haunting of Hill House?

“Two Storms” (Episode 6) “Two Storms” is not only the best episode of The Haunting of Hill House, it may be one of the best episodes for drama ever made.

What is the black mold in Haunting of Hill House?

While some have suggested that the mold was created by the evil spirits present in the house to prevent the family from being able to sell the house and move away, others have argued that the mold in the house actually could have been responsible for all the events that occurred in the story.

Is The Haunting of Hill House scarier than American horror story?

Since being released on Netflix, The Haunting of Hill House has already become the number one show for some horror fans ahead of American Horror Story. Personal opinion: The Haunting of Hill House is pretty much everything American Horror Story: Murder House wanted to be, but wasn’t.

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What did Theo See?

In present day, Theo’s seeing her own hideous apparition at the foot of her bed: Mr. Smiley. He came to visit. This is actually the moment from last episode, when Shirley was coming to tell her sister about Nell’s suicide.

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