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Is The Amazing World of Gumball coming back in 2021?

The Amazing World of Gumball The Movie! is a 2021 surreal action-comedy adventure movie based on the Cartoon Network series The Amazing World of Gumball and is the series finale and continuation to The Inquisition.

Is Amazing World of Gumball over?

Recently, creator Ben Bocquelet announced season six will be the last for the Cartoon Network series. On Twitter, Bocquelet announced it was his decision to end the show after six seasons: Hi guys, so yes to clarify we’re bringing Gumball to its final episode at the end of season six.

Why did gumball end on a cliffhanger?

It wasn’t chosen to be canceled by CN, the creators were able to make the ending without it having to be canceled by CN, so it was their choice. They could choose to make a movie (which is getting a little hinted at), or they could choose to leave it on a cliffhanger.

Will there be a Season 7 of gumball?

Season 7 of The Amazing World of Gumball was announced by Cartoon Network on September 4th 2020 and was ordered on December 20th 2020. It will consist 50 episodes, including one crossover special. There will also be a Christmas special as well as Thanksgiving episode.

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What is gumballs real name?

Gumball Tristopher Watterson, born Zach Watterson, (voiced by Logan Grove in seasons 1–3, Jacob Hopkins in seasons 3–5, Nicolas Cantu in season 5–6, and Duke Cutler in The Gumball Chronicles onward) is the protagonist of the series.

Will there be a season 8 of The Amazing World of Gumball?

The eighth season of the British-American animated television series The Amazing World of Gumball, created by Ben Bocquelet, aired on Cartoon Network in the United States on August 9, 2020 and in the United Kingdom on December 29, 2019.

Is gumball a girl or boy?

Gumball (formerly Zach) Tristopher Watterson is the protagonist of The Amazing World of Gumball. He is a twelve-year-old, blue male cat that goes to Elmore Junior High, with his adopted brother Darwin and his four-year-old sister Anais.

How old is Anais?

In the show, she is four years old, but in Issue 8, she claims to be an eight-year-old.

Does Penny Love gumball?

Gumball and Penny had both always been deeply in love with each other, but Penny always seemed to have had an easier time hiding her emotions when Gumball was around. During season 1 and 2, neither were capable of expressing it, even though they were both aware of the other’s affection.

What is the ending of gumball?

Rob, horrified, holds on for his life, but loses his grip, remarking at the last second that “it’s started.” The floor disappears and Rob falls into the Void screaming; the screen freeze-frames on him as the credits’ first notes play, ending the episode and therefore the series.

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What is the last gumball episode?

The series focuses on the misadventures of Gumball Watterson, a blue 12-year-old cat, along with his adopted brother, Darwin, a goldfish.

Is Elmore real?

Elmore, California, United States (pop. 20,000) is a fictional town in The Amazing World of Gumball, and is the setting for most of the episodes. Though it generally functions like a normal city, Elmore is unique in that everything in the city has the potential to come to life.

Who made Elliott from Earth?

Guillaume Cassuto, formerly a scriptwriter and composition supervisor on “Gumball,” created “Elliott from Earth.

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