Często zadawane: Not Enough Items 1.12.2?

How do you get items from not enough items?


  1. Search Bar – Allows for the searching for any items.
  2. “R” Key – Gives the recipe for the selected block or item.
  3. “U” Key – Shows the recipes that the selected block or item is used in.
  4. “O” Key – Enables and disables the NEI interface.
  5. “X” Key – Brings up the Enchantment Selector.

How do I activate just enough items?

Basic Controls:

  1. Inventory: (Minecraft Options -> Controls) Show Recipes: Hover over item + R.
  2. Item List: Show Recipes Click Item or type R. Show Uses: Right-Click Item or type U.
  3. Search: Select Search Bar: Click or Control + F. Clear Search: Right Click.
  4. Recipe View: Next/Previous page: Scroll Wheel.

What mod do you need for not enough items?

If you want to play with Not Enough Items in Minecraft 1.7. 10, you will need to select the 1.7. 10 version of NEI.

What’s the difference between too many items and not enough items?

TMI Mod. It is also known as Too Many Items Mod; it was the first inventory mod that was followed by NEI and then JEI. Another huge difference between TMI and NEI is that there is no recipe interface in the TMI mod. When it comes to performance and utility the TMI mod just can’t match the newer versions of the JEI mod.

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How do you cheat on nei?

minecraft/config ) and find NEI. cfg. Open it with Notepad, and change the line that says lockmode=0 to lockmode=-1. This will unlock the option to switch to cheat mode in the options menu in-game.

Why is not enough items not working?

You likely have it in recipe mode instead of cheat mode. Check to see if you have it in recipe mode, or cheat mode, and make sure it’s on in both global and world. There is cheat mode recipe mode and utility mode. Ill let you guess which one you are in.

What is just enough items cheat mode?

Config Menu By enabling Cheat Mode, you switch JEI’s functions as a recipe viewer into one as an easy-to-use item giver. If you’ve got cheats enabled or you’re an operator on the server, clicking on items with Cheat Mode enabled will give them to you to use in-game.

What does not enough items do?

Not Enough Items (or NEI for short) is a core utility mod and a successor to both Too Many Items and Recipe Book. It appears in-game whenever the players Inventory or other GUI that contains an inventory is opened, and allows a player to view crafting recipes and usages of the majority of the items in the FTB Modpacks.

Is not Enough items client side?

Basically, any mod which changes your perspective without changing the mechanics of the world around you is going to be client-side, generally. So mods like REI’s Minimap or Optifine are client-side. NEI is a special deal because it can be configured server-side to prohibit non-admins from accessing Cheat Mode.

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What mod shows what block you’re looking at?

WAILA stands for ‘What Am I Looking At’, and it’s a godsend when you’ve got loads of mods installed. Simply point your crosshair at a block, and it’ll tell you what the block is.

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Is 9minecraft safe?

If you are also wondering if 9minecraft is safe to use, then you have come to the right place. For the short answer, no, 9minecraft isn’t safe. Plenty of reports and claims have been made regarding the site being suspicious and not reliable at all for getting mods.

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