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What are some codes for anime fighting Simulator 2021?

Anime Fighting Simulator codes:

  • 1BILLIONVISITS! — Chikara.
  • 2MILLIONSINGROUP! — Chikara.
  • 300KSUBSTIGRETV — Chikara.
  • ANOTHERBUGFIX – Chikara.
  • BIGBOI100K – Chikara.
  • DEFILD700K – Chikara.
  • DEFILDPROMO — Chikara.
  • DEFILDSTREAM – Chikara.

How can I get free Chikara shards?

There are six ways to obtain Chikara Shards: collecting them from Chikara Crates; which are the golden crates scattered throughout the map (each crate gives 80 to 135 Chikara Shards), completing quests from certain NPCs, fighting Bosses, obtaining 5 Chikara Shards per minute, and using Codes.

What are anime codes?

List of available codes:

  • Anime: 7424.
  • Anime Action: 2653.
  • Anime Comedy: 9302.
  • Anime Dramas: 452.
  • Anime Fantasy: 11146.
  • Anime Features: 3063.
  • Anime Horror: 10695.
  • Anime Sci-Fi: 2729.

What is the best fruit in anime fighting simulator?

You can only buy Light Fruit from the tournament shop but it’s one of the best fruits in the mode. It gives you the ability for some high damage and really cool attacks. Light Kick lets you blast other players with a strong beam of light and deals pretty high damage as well.

How do you get strong in anime fighting simulator?

Strength – Use an auto clicker in a VIP server (if you own one) to grind this mainly or at spawn. Chakra – Train this first as it gains the slowest tick rate. The best way for increments is the chakra glitched ticks. You could also buy the 2x chakra game pass to make that increments faster.

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What do the 6 numbers mean?

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English six figures/digits used to talk about a number that is between 100,000 and 1,000,000 The final cost of the project will easily run into six figures (=be over £100,000 or $100,000). → six.

How can I see all anime on Netflix?

Type, and then add 9302. Meanwhile, anyone looking for Anime Action simply needs to search to access the likes of Tokyo Ghoul and many more acclaimed titles.

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