Często zadawane: A Certain Magical Index?

In what order should I watch a certain magical index?

The first of them is to simply follow the broadcast order:

  1. A Certain Magical Index.
  2. A Certain Scientific Railgun.
  3. A Certain Magical Index II.
  4. A Certain Scientific Railgun S.
  5. A Certain Magical Index: The Movie – The Miracle of Endymion.
  6. A Certain Scientific Accelerator.
  7. A Certain Magical Index III.

Is a certain magical index a harem?

Index is a harem(and action), and on its own, I don’t think it has much to offer (I don’t read the novels) other than its pretty good setting and world building, and a few good characters. The anime has 2 seasons. The spinoff you’re refering to, Railgun, is a manga which has an anime adaptation (2 seasons).

Is Certain Magical Index over?

The anime went on a hiatus right after that and it wasn’t until the end of 2018 when a new season of the anime, ‘A Certain Magical Index’ season 3, came out on October 5, 2018 and ended its run on April 5, 2019.

Which is better A Certain Magical Index or railgun?

Regardless of quality, Index is still the main series. Railgun might handle certain arcs (and characters) better than Index, but the latter is more relevant when it comes to worldbuilding, plot development, and character follow-up.

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Does Touma love Misaka?

Misaka Mikoto He accidentally made her angry, which led to her frying all of the delinquents herself. Mikoto had a crush on Touma for a long time but she realized that she had fallen in love with him near the end of the Acqua of the Back Arc.

Should I watch Index or railgun first?

It doesn’t exactly matter whether you watch Index or Railgun first though, as long as you watch Index before Index II, and Railgun before Railgun S. wow, that looks like great information.

Is a certain scientific railgun a good anime?

It is a very good anime that you must give it a chance. The anime starts slow and you may not love it at first, but then you understand the characters and story and everything gets way better and more interesting.

Will there be Toaru majutsu no index Season 4?

A Certain Magical Index Season 4 Isn’t Confirmed There was, however, a lengthy gap of almost a decade between the release of the second and third seasons of the anime, so the lack of confirmation as of yet doesn’t necessarily mean the series is done.

Is Touma stronger than Misaka?

Alright so misaka has faced of against Touma like one or two times and the results are just, ‘ Touma is really strong! Misaka can’t defeat him!

Is kamijou Touma the Son of God?

Touma is the son of Kamijou Touya and Kamijou Shiina, who live outside of Academy City. During his childhood, he was often seen as a jinx because of the misfortune that his right hand creates and he was called “god of pestilence” by people around him.

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Can I skip index and watch Railgun?

If you only want to watch Index, you can go Index → Index II → Index Movie → Index III. (Note that Index III adapted about 9 light novels’ worth of content into only 26 episodes, so that’s why it might feel a bit rushed at times.) If you only want to watch Railgun, you can go Railgun → Railgun S → Railgun T.

Can I watch index without watching Railgun?

I just started watching Railgun and realized the the first series is actually index, and that it takes place and comes before it. I have looked around and allot of people say that you don’t have to watch index before watching railgun, because railgun is its own self contained story.

Is index worth watching?

Index focuses a lot more on the magic side of things, only diving into the science side on occasion. The Index anime is also known for having some pretty big cuts to its plot, but I would at least say that seasons 1 and 2 are worth taking a look at.

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