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Is MovieStarPlanet still a thing?

MovieStarPlanet as you know it is not going anywhere. It will take some time for MovieStarPlanet 2 to have all the features we dream of adding, so have patience and join us on the journey! Current status is that it is not yet available for players yet.

Can you get a refund on MSP?

If you overpaid your Medical Services Plan (MSP) premiums the credit balance will be used against future premiums. However, you may request a refund by telephone, email, fax, or mail.

How do you play MovieStarPlanet without downloading?

Next time you want to play MovieStarPlanet again, just double click the icon at your desktop. There is no need to download it again, or start browsers and activate Flash.

Is MovieStarPlanet safe for 10 year olds?

What is MovieStarPlanet? The website explains that ” MovieStarPlanet is a safe, creative, and social online playground for children.” – MovieStarPlanet forum. Another reason is that children can post pictures of themselves to get likes.

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Does MovieStarPlanet delete old accounts?

Rest assured that we will not delete accounts that have purchased VIP, no matter how inactive! Cleaning up of inactive users targets only players who have not engaged with the game & only very low levels that have not logged in for 4 months might be removed from the game.

Is Movie Star Planet 2 Real?

MovieStarPlanet 2 is the newest planet in our universe. The game is under development which means that it is not finished yet! That is why you see the BETA sign on the logo.

What is the age limit for MovieStarPlanet?

Age requirement MovieStarPlanet is a site primarily aimed at children aged 8-15 years. As part of MovieStarPlanet’s child safeguarding policy, they do not condone the use of the site by adults (those over 18 years), except for parents or those with a professional interest.

How can I check my MSP account?

To check your account information, including your account balance, call 1-877-405-4909. Before calling, have your MSP account number from your invoice ready, so we can easily assist you.

Do I qualify for MSP premium assistance?

The Medical Services Plan (MSP) offers premium reductions ranging from 20% to 100% based on the previous year’s income. To qualify for this assistance, the Adjusted Net Income must be $28,000 or less.

Why can’t I log into MovieStarPlanet?

Please make sure you’re trying to connect to the right domain. MovieStarPlanet has different domains for each country, each in its own language. To connect to US, please go to on the computer or select the correct flag on the app.

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Can MSP play online?

MovieStarPlanet – Online Game – Play for Free |

How do you get StarCoins on MSP 2?

All movie stars can earn StarCoins. You can for example spin the Wheel of Fortune once a day. You can watch ads, collect Gifts that will spawn daily (so don’t forget to log in and pop them), and much more. Click on the StarCoins logo in the top section for a guide about how to earn StarCoins.

How old is Pumpchkin?

She is a 90 year old man.

Why did BooniePlanet shut down?

Replay Value -Like Pokemon games, your child will have a strong desire to collect as many Boonie pets as they can. Each pet will have a special ability that needs to be charged up first. BooniePlanet is Shutting Down! This is believed to a result of the app using files from the related advertisements.

Are MSP Hackers real?

Fake Anonymous Users But 99% of the anonymous’ found are fake, as there is only one real anonymous, however, many new hackers have named themselves as ‘Anonymous’ despite them not being the original MSP Anonymous.

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